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1. Measurement

There is a mass properties measurements laboratory located inside the factory providing some services such as: to measure weight, to measure CG, MOI and the POI for the customer considered projects.

If the dimensional and weight range of customer's pieces are within the range of existed machines in the laboratory system, the measurements would be carried out in the laboratory setting. For too big or too heavy systems, the portable measurement equipment should be used at the customer site.

If the client wants to perform the tests without our consultants, leasing integrated or discrete systems also would be possible.


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2. Calibration

One of the most important regulating sectors in measuring devices is calibration and ensuring the integrity of the output data. Calibrating MOI, CG and POI instruments that is almost the last step in setting up and delivery part, should be done carefully and based on mid-point of the nominal capacity of the device (or any customer special tests) according to standards such as OIML and then the calibration certificate is issued.

To perform the calibration in any weight range standard parts is needed. The recalibration for different work seasons or in conditions of weight range changing should be repeated for each machine as well and typically no more than 6 months.

To ensure such customers who have debt about the accuracy of their own devices, related checking up would be done by our experts and consequently the accurate performance is confirmed or rejected.

These services provide calibration and standard components to deliver new devices or appliances repair offers.


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3. Maintenance and Technical Support

Any modification of system failures, change or improving their capacity, to improve the mechanical and electronic subsystems as well as improving application performance of software are done under supervision of experts.

Also, technical support, expendable supplies, jigging and fixtures to test specific experiments based on customer's view, with its own working definition, is performed in this group.


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4. Setting the mass properties

On the contrary often measuring the mass properties in different sets, sometimes in production lines, to regulate CG specifications, and Moments of inertia on certain figures is necessary. It works by increasing or decreasing the mass in certain areas of a mechanical set. Therefore, in addition to computer analysis, fabrication and installation of additional masses (Dummy) and the workpiece machining, further testing should also be done.


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5. Consultation

This group can spread its knowledge and experience in the region of techniques of measuring mass properties for different sets of weight, geometry range and various forms to research and manufacturing organizations and companies.

Participation in projects performance to control flying objects and educating mechanical designers in industry and also consulting in academic treatises are of such services. According to the specific requirements of each project in measuring mass properties, some advices are provided to design the fixtures. We can individually offer different plans of the fixtures to any test based on the allocated time in order to measuring and balance regulating. For each project, reports provision and useful documentation could be done under supervision of the specialists in this group.


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6. Handling Equipment

The equipments of measuring mass properties either laboratory or installed systems in production lines, are of the most accurate means for transportation which the new installation site circumstances, including environmental conditions, electric power, support statuses etc. should be followed in well-respected way. The separation process of the previous foundation, applying load for lifting and also placing the device on the new foundation must be performed too elegance, so that the Loadcells and the motion mechanisms would not damage and exit of accuracy line. Switching electrical circuits and re-calibration and software configuration to getting data from the device, in new location must be performed in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions or current standards of the industry. This group is ready to do all the above services to ensure the performance in new installation location.


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