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1. Aviation

In today life, freight and passenger transportation in airline industry and also using different aircraft ranging wide body to light ones, has become inevitable.

All aircraft what in the preliminary design stage or after carrying out major repairs to adjust the parameters of control system (Gains) should be tested. By the way other all resort birds including balloon, kite, paraglide, parachute, paramotor etc. need to evaluate in terms of weight and center of gravity position in the axis Y, X and Z in design and construction stage. The Moment of inertia value of remains in 3 lines Pitch, Roll and Yaw and also the production of inertia values should also be evaluated. With respect to existing facilities, this group is well-prepared to collaborate with sport federations, as well as the relevant agencies to attest the imported products or products.


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2. Shipbuilding

To balance a cargo, passenger ship or any other light floating vessels like (Fast Patrol) on the water surface, the water balance of forces, including buoyancy forces, the incoming water waves and vortex should be posed at same spatial coordinates of engine propulsion forces and the float weight. Thus the position of the center of Gravity (CG) in designing the vessels for ship designers and builders are very significant. Besides, other mass properties such as MOI and POI to necessary calculating for control surfaces manipulation in commands of turning left and right are necessary for the design group. Measuring the mass properties of small and light vessels on integrated systems is possible. Measuring the larger vessels properties is also done by using discrete equipment and combining measurement and calculation techniques with acceptable approximation at yards. This group is prepared to provide the mass properties units or measurement services in this industry.


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3. Architecture and Civil Structures

The building architecture and urban symbols, to calculate structures such as bridges and offshore and harbor, support and strength, exact weighting and position of center of gravity in structures should be specified.

To gain weight and CG position, especially in large-scale models (Full Scale) is not possible without experimental measurements and using engineering software simply specifies the parameters to some extent.

About such objects, if the size and weight range is associated with existing integrated systems in this Group, measurement will be performed in laboratory environment, otherwise by discrete devices (Loose) and at the customer site.


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4. Automotive

Safety of vehicles in terms of tires sustainability on all road surfaces at any speed and all turning maneuvers entails considering their CG location. True strength suspension and steering calculation also depends on knowing the Moment of inertia along the principal axes of the vehicle. Obviously, one of the most important activities in companies and research units, R & D, is measuring the mentioned parameters for new automotive projects. This team having sufficient experience on testing vehicles is ready to sell the equipment and technical services and consulting projects to companies in the automotive industry.


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5. Biomechanics Industry

Knowing mass properties of the body or part of it, to understand its motion as well as its reaction when under external forces is very important. Some objects which are measured as test model are dummies, body, parts of body, surgical prostheses, artificial limbs, helmet and so on.


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6. Aerospace industry

A satellite or spacecraft can be accurately controlled when the mass properties, including mass, center of gravity, Moment of inertia and product of inertia, would be accurately measured. The accuracy of above parameters depends on maneuvers speed, the satellite mission and its weight scope. The importance of these parameters is so inevitable that the inaccurate measure can cause severe damages or even complete failure in a space mission. Exact CG determination, weight and inertia properties of the satellite and its carrier rocket, are of so important pre-launch tests.

This group participating in huge aerial, space and defense projects, has gained valuable experience in the field of considered measurement. Since the placement of objects on the mass properties measuring devices involves the design and construction of special fixtures due to their structure and geometry (Hard Points) therefore, we are able to consult, design and manufacture the equipment appropriate for each particular experiment. The group also offers reliable solutions to measure the mass properties of the instruments, equipment and ammunition used by the military industry. However, regarding to the increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in military field (identifying and operational) and civilian (first responders, firefighters, police, transportation, etc.), design and construction of such items are done by various organizations. . Of the most important parameters to design such flying vehicles can mention weight characteristics and their mass properties. We are capable to measure the flight models' center of gravity and Moments of inertia using accurate measurement systems in laboratory environments and on specific tests based on customers needs, consultation and, if necessary, technical services can be provided in the purchaser location.


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