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1. Introduction

As it seems an increasing demand to the mass properties measurement systems comprising Center of Gravity (CG), Moment of Inertia (MOI) and Product of Inertia (POI) in the aviation, shipbuilding, architecture and structural engineering, car, biomechanics and aerospace industries in recent years, the Space Tech team were to offer their enormous industrial, academic and research practices to the managers, researchers and business owners.

Space Tech measurement systems have uttermost precision and quality in tight competition with well known European and American brands. Our systems are usually equipped with automatic data-acquisition and processing package.

The enterprise enjoys laboratory facilities, workshop, and a worthwhile technical archive. Engineering office designs fresh machinery for every project under supervision of skilled specialists. Technical information of each mass properties measurement project is available as consultancy to the customer, up on the staff requirements in industry. We do provide all the sensors employed to build measuring systems, mechanical compartments like air bearing, pneumatic subsystems as well as calibration and other supportive services.

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2. Background

Here you will find brief curricula of the enterprise and its key personnel specifically in the area of mass properties measurement, metrology, industrial automation and weighing instruments:

  • Design, manufacture, installation, calibration and consultancy for the mass properties measurement systems including Weighing Machines, Center of Gravity (CG) and Moment of Inertia (MOI) equipments as well as Product of Inertia (POI) systems to perform the customer’s tests.

  • Precise dimensional investigation/application and other metrology duties for complicated parts and large scale aerospace components

  • Design, manufacture, installation, calibration and counsel for the measurement, control, instrument and automation systems in oil, gas and petrochemical industry

  • Planning and execution of particular welding processes for high alloys and work pieces of various thickness for the stringent parts and assemblies from nuclear and aerospace industries as well as power stations, chemical processes, and nonmetallic inorganic production lines

  • Design, production, integration, calibration and consultancy for the weighing systems in high risk and sensitive plants (EX, ATEX); material level control systems, weighing sets for storage tanks (up to 1000 tones); pendent weighing modules (up to 100 tones) and weighing systems for batching of concrete, asphalt, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants

  • Procurement, design and execution for the industrial automation projects

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3. Memberships

  • Iranian Society of Industrial Automation

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4. Certificates

  • Certificate of Professional Load Cell Calibration (OSIMA 2012)

  • Certificate for Manufacturing of Calibration Standard Weights (OSIMA 2012)

  • Charting a Course for Successful Research Career (Elsevier 2012) 

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5. Reference List

Name of the clients and titles of the projects are mentioned within our Reference List according to their own consent in order to follow customer’s rights. Click here to receive our Open Reference List.

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6. Counterparts

Your valuable proposals are most welcome for establishing business joint and partnership as well as scientific correspondence, in order to take part in multidiscipline industrial and research projects. Please refer to the Contact us page to leave a message or call us via the specified phone/fax numbers.

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